Rally Artist 2016

The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Tracy Hetzel as the 2016 Rally Artist.  Tracey joins a talented group of artists that have supplied paintings for the annual hot air balloon festival including: Tom O’Grady, Claudia Gildner, Kristy Hall, Sheila Kalkbrenner, and Allie Mattison.  This year’s directive was to provide a painting that included the Pink House as its focal Point.

Tracy states:

“Yeah, baby. Smiling, smiling… I have grown up around hot air balloons. My hometown is famous for them. The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally takes place in my hometown every summer. Seeing them fly overhead hoping they would land in your yard was my inspiration. And when they did, you could help puff out the air from the enormous array of colors right in front of you that you’re actually touching. What could be more glorious for the child in us all?

The Rally has always promoted the event with the most beautiful posters. Year after year, waiting to see what this years would be… For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be THAT ARTIST. I know those posters played a small role in me wanting to pursue art. Well, my friends, I’m thrilled to announce that this year I was chosen as the Balloon Rally artist! Yay Me!! Above are my poster design options. (I am a graphic artist by day, that’s how I pay the bills, so I threw my talents in for good measure.)”

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