Rally Artist 2014

allie mattison self portrait

The Great Wellsville Balloon Rally is pleased to announce the selection of Allie Mattison as its 2014 Rally Artist.  Allie joins a talented group of artists that have supplied paintings for the annual hot air balloon festival including Tom O’Grady, Claudia Gildner, Kristy Hall and Sheila Kalkbrenner.  This year’s directive was to provide a painting that included the Immaculate Conception Church as its focal point. 

Allie states, “I grew up in Wellsville, and I went to Immaculate Conception School for 11 whole years.  I’m almost 21, so that means I was there for more than half of my life.  I think that’s why the chosen site is so important to me.  It has been a part of my life for so long, I felt I needed to pay tribute to it.   I’ve loved going to the Balloon Rally since I was little.  My favorite part is definitely the sidewalk sales between the food, activities, crafts and different people that visit.” 

Allie sold several of her own Balloon Rally paintings at the sale last year.  After such a positive response she decided to submit a painting this year. 


Her design was made with watercolor, colored pencil and ink.  Allie states, “There was more drawing than painting involved with this piece, because there are so many straight lines and outlines on the church.  I felt an ink drawing was necessary.”   

Allie recognized her talent at a young age, but it was not until she was sixteen that she began to take it seriously.  “I thought that making drawings for people would be a good and easy way to make money.  I learned from looking around the internet that people really seemed to love realistic portraits, so literally, one day in the summer, I decided that I would teach myself how to draw people very accurately.  I watched YouTube videos about how to draw features on the face.  I made my first portrait of one of my favorite musicians.   From there, I drew celebrities, friends, friends of friends, family members, strangers, etc.  Portraiture became my thing.”  She then started making conceptual paintings and later learned that she was actually illustrating.

While in high school Allie won two consecutive “Best In Show” awards for works submitted to Houghton College’s Student Show.  She was accepted to several prestigious art colleges including, School of Visual Art, Rochester Institute of Technology, Parsons New School of Design and Rhode Island School of Design.

Allie is currently a Junior at Rochester Institute of Technology where she is majoring in Illustration and Minoring in Business Administration with a concentration in Music.  

Allie’s parents are Steve and Louise Mattison.  Steve is a retired Wellsville Police Chief and soon-to-be retired Mailman.  Her mother works at Immaculate Conception School.  She retired from teaching at Whitesville Central School.  Allie’s younger sister, Laura, is also interested in art and is studying Physics and Math at Geneseo.  “My parents have the best of both worlds with mad scientist and artist daughters,” Allie states.

To view more of Allie Mattison’s work please visit:  behance.net/allegrettamattison